A Watched Pot Never Boils

Neither does a calendar budge. It is officially 265 days since I received an email that altered the course of destiny…well, nothing that dramatic (says the actress), but 265 days ago, I woke up to my acceptance email from the LSE.

Returning home from India I felt lost. I needed guidance. I wanted structure. I desired a place where I could continue my personal growth as I felt worn out. In India, I’d caught myself mid class, with my back to the students, feeling utterly dejected and exhausted. Fast forward to today, and I have a renewed sense of purpose and excitement at being the “pupil” instead of the teacher.

In the past nine months I’ve worked at Starbucks, applied for and received my Polish passport, directed a summer camp, walked my dogs hundreds of times, had special one-on-one adventures with my Oma, acted as my Dad’s accountant and entertained Work Away guests at our house. All these things seem scattered compared to past activities, but it was a year of re-centering. Of “saving” money for the next adventure (although I still managed to spend quite a bit. I guess that’s what happens when one finally gets a job with steady and spendable income.)

Being home for so long, it was easy to slip into old habits. For the first three months I was shaking off what had been a deeply transformative/shocking/overwhelming experience. As my comfort level grew, so did my desire to fly away. Looking at what I’ve done, I tend to fly further and further away each time, always coming back, but staying away for longer and longer time periods.

Growing up in other words.

But now, 12 days out from hopping on a plane to London, the pot is almost ready to boil!

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